Autumnal Tablescaping

As the leaves continue to change colour and we become surrounded by natural hues of orange and brown, why not embrace the season by giving your kitchen table an autumnal make over?

Sustainable Table scaping

When searching for autumnal table scape inspiration, take cues from the outdoors and use natural colour pallets. Our MM Living Forest Green Dinnerware range incorporates rich, earthy green tones with a glossy finish. Wonderfully paired with glorious burnt orange décor such as mini pumpkins and fallen leaves, perfect for adding a Halloween touch.

These natural decorations make for great environmentally friendly options. Halloween in particular often receives a bad rep on the sustainability front, with plastic accessories and single use decorations, most of which cannot be recycled. Causing more trick than treat for our planet.

Bring an element of nature to your home by foraging for twigs, leaves, pinecones and conkers to add to your table setting. Alternatively, head to your local fruit and veg shop and display seasonal veggies as your centrepiece such as squash or pumpkins. If you do wish to purchase seasonal accessories, make sure they can be re used for many years to come.

We suggest pairing these decorations with high quality, stunning tableware pieces that are not only functional but can also double as décor. Why not have a look in your cupboards for some natural pastel coloured pieces or instead go for more dark and moody palettes for a Halloween feel. Such as our Kew Gardens Living Jewels Midnight placemats.

The same goes for kitchen textiles. Choose your most fitting re-usable, washable napkins instead of single use paper napkins. A great example would be our Kew Gardens Living Jewels Napkin Set, which would make a fa-boo-lous addition to any Halloween table.

The best part is you can re-use these tableware pieces for years to come as well as using them all year round, changing your decorations to fit whichever theme you wish.

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