Dry January

January is often associated with breaking bad habits and creating positive pledges to better oneself in the New Year. For many people across the world, the first month of the year is also an occasion to take a step back from alcohol consumption.

Dry January

Dry January is a public health campaign run by Alcohol Change UK, in which participants make the decision to stay away from booze for a month, acting as a reset button.

Dry January can be seen to offer many personal health benefits for those taking part. According to Alcohol Change UK:

  • 86% of participants save money
  • 70% of participants have better sleep
  • 66% have more energy

For many, socially drinking during the Christmas season is a normality, so Dry January could be a great post-Christmas detox. With both physical and mental benefits, including losing weight and clearing brain fog.

If you are prepared to take on the challenge here are some of our tips to get the ball rolling:

Buddy Up
Rope in friends and family members to join in too, so you are all in it together. If one of you feels a wobble, the other is there to help you to keep on track and hold each other accountable.

Treat Yourself
It is well known that people often save money during Dry January. So why not treat yourself to something you have been wanting for a while and use that as motivation throughout the month. Or put that cash in a savings fund and watch the pennies add up and treat yourself at the end as a reward.

Get Sponsorships
Ask your friends and family to sponsor you throughout the month by signing up with Alcohol Concern. This is a brilliant way to add some motivation to the cause, knowing you are raising money to help others by ditching the booze.

Find a substitute non-alcoholic drink
The demand for low or no alcohol drinks has skyrocketed in recent years. Meaning more and more brands have started to offer a range of alcohol-free alternatives for every palette, when you start to crave that Friday night tipple. The options are endless, just match up your go to alcoholic version whether that be spirits, wine, beer etc…

Local to us here at Pure Table Top, Warners Gin distills their 100% natural range of spirits on their family farm in Harrington, Northamptonshire. Perfect for any Gin lovers out there.

Warners 0% Gin

Warners Gin has some fantastic non-alcoholic options with their 0% range, distilled using farm-grown ingredients. Over two years in the making, Warner’s 0% is jam-packed full of flavour; a whopping 90% of the ingredients are from their own farm. What makes it even better is that they are B-Corp Certified!

If you’re considering taking on the challenge in any form, have a look into the possible benefits of Dry January and see if it could work for you. Best of Luck!

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