What does it mean for the future?

What does B Corp mean for Pure Table Top’s Sustainability journey from now on?

B Corp means considering the wider impact that our business decisions have on all individuals and organisations (stakeholders) in contact with Pure Table Top. We believe that we now have a much bigger sphere of influence with this certification behind us. But it also gives us real incentive to keep improving year on year as the certification evolves to set higher and higher standards.

Were there any changes you made for B Corp that were completely new to the sector?

A few questions in the assessment made us evaluate how we can most effectively engage with our suppliers. This has led us to working with a university to create a bespoke supplier sustainability grading system – something that I haven’t been able to find many other examples of.

You’re joining the likes of Patagonia in attaining B Corp status. Is there anything from their approach to sustainability that has inspired you?

Setting standards. Patagonia have been influential in researching and setting new sustainability focused standards within fashion. There are very few guidelines in place for how to be a more sustainable ceramic or glassware business. However, this is where we feel we can do ‘a bit of a Patagonia’. With our existing experience, and commitment to investing in the research and trial of new, innovative products, processes and systems, we believe that we can set new and improved standards for our industry. This will provide new choice and reassurance for both our retail customers and consumers.

What advice do you have to other homeware brands that are thinking about B Corp certification?

Give it a go! Try out the assessment. Whatever stage of your sustainability journey you are at. If you are new to the scene the BIA gives you a great framework to start measuring, reporting and improving. If you you are well established the B Corp certification provides you with credibility and a network of businesses and individuals to accelerate your progress even further – collaboration is key.

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