Pure Table Top and Sustainability

At Pure Table Top we are always striving to know better and do better, for people and for planet. That’s why we are pulling our socks up and holding ourselves, and our industry, accountable.

We all have a responsibility to our planet and everything in it. So, whatever we do – from our supply to our value chains – we are committed to making the best possible choices to minimise our environmental impact. We want to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as we can be, whilst also creating innovative and beautiful homeware products, to bring joy to every home for years to come.


You can’t reduce what you don’t measure. That’s why as a business we are committed to documenting the impact we have. This enables us to set reduction targets and guarantee complete transparency with our customers. As part of this commitment, we have pledged to the United Nations Race to Zero campaign in order to achieve net zero emissions before 2050.

In 2021 we also offset 6.06 tonnes of CO2 through Gold Standard Offsetting Project and DHL’s Go Green Initiative. As well as recycling almost 6 tonnes of cardboard and paper waste and starting an office composting team.

At Pure we only partner with companies whose values and aspirations align with our own Pure values and consistently demonstrate a willingness to improve their environmental and social record.

We are on a journey to becoming B-Corp certified by 2023, with our score of 90+ currently being reviewed.

Reducing waste is a priority for us. We are constantly finding new ways of reselling, repurposing or reusing samples that are delivered, inspected and then stored at our Leicestershire HQ.
Pure Table Top


Our product mission is to evaluate and reduce the impact of every single product that we design, source and deliver. That’s why we have eliminated nearly all plastic packaging (<1%), impact measured product across 5 categories and investigated alternative, sustainable material sources.

All of the materials and processes we use have the smallest negative impact on local environment and provide practical guidance to suppliers on how to sustainably reduce GHG emissions, wastage and hazardous chemical usage.


Pure’s people are central to everything we do. When they flourish, Pure flourishes. We give our employees an inclusive working environment where their voices are heard and valued every day.

We are a proud Accredited Real Living Wage Employer and give back to our employees through initiatives including paid volunteering days, specialist healthcare and financial wellbeing access. Whilst also closely monitoring our supply chain as we require all of our suppliers to meet national legal standards, at a minimum.

Check out our impact report to find out more about our journey of sustainable transformation.

Download Impact Report

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