Christmas Tablescaping: How to

Elevate your Christmas Hosting with our stunning tablescape ideas

Winter is a magical and cosy time of the year – from crisp, frosty walks to the sparkling run-up to Christmas, nothing says ‘tis the season’ more than a festive tablescape. In this blog we’re here to help you get ready to create the perfect tablescape for the Christmas season; sharing creative ideas and tips to make your table the real star of the show. As the weather turns colder and the gatherings become cosier, it’s officially the season for hosting! Whether you are planning a date night, girl’s nights or a big holiday celebration, a well-prepared tablescape can set the tone for a beautiful and memorable night.

Pure's Top Tips!

1. Choose a Theme

Selecting a theme for your tablescape is essential when creating a well-co-ordinated, aesthetically pleasing, and memorable dining experience. It allows you to set the mood, express your personal style, and engage your guests, all while making the planning process more organised and enjoyable. 


We would recommend you start by selecting a theme for your Christmas tablescape. Consider classic themes like “Traditional Red & Green”, “Winter Wonderland”, or “Rustic Farmhouse”. Choose one that complements your home décor and personal style. 

2. Dinnerware Selection

Showcase the star of the evening – your dinnerware! Dinnerware selection is crucial when planning a tablescape because it plays a significant role in not only the overall aesthetic, but also the functionality and guest experience. 


Choosing the right dinnerware can elevate your table setting, making it both visually appealing and more practical for the occasion. As we are heading into winter, it can be tempting to stock up on Christmas-themed dinnerware adorned with hollies, berries, and other festive icons. With the cost of living rising, you could instead opt for a more timeless look and feel which can be enjoyed all year round. White and neutral dinnerware can be given it’s own festive makeover using natural props such as pine cones, berries and ribbon. This is a much more cost-efficient way of giving your tablescape that seasonal feel.

3. Layering & Textures

Create visual interest by layering in table linens, such as tablecloths, placemats, and table runners. This adds a three-dimensional quality to your tablescape, making it more visually appealing to the eye. Incorporating different textures like glass, metal, wood, and natural elements will also bring variety to your table, whilst conveying a real feel of Christmas ambiance you’re trying to achieve. To make your tablescape more personalised, you can choose elements that resonate with your personal style, creating a tablescape that is uniquely yours.


4. Centrepieces

The centrepiece is the focal point of your tablescape and therefore essential. It is there to enhance your aesthetic, reinforce your theme, and serve as the visual focal point of the table. You can choose from a variety of options, such as a seasonal floral arrangement (think mistletoe, poinsettias or holly & ivy for Christmas!), a cluster of candles, a rustic wooden box with greenery, or even a glass carafe filled with fairy lights. 

5. Place Settings

Place settings provide a designated and organised space for each guest, ensuring they have everything they need within easy reach. Properly arranged place settings help create a welcoming and visually appealing atmosphere at any dinner party. To jazz up your place settings, simply place your dinnerware, glassware, and napkins meticulously. Tie a sprig of evergreen or festive ribbon around the napkin for an extra touch and add your name card (if you have them).

6. Festive Decorations

As we are beginning to think about the festive season, start to consider which Christmas ornaments you would like to add to your tablescape. If you don’t want these to be too bold you can always opt for smaller ornaments, for example pinecones and mini-Christmas trees, to infuse the holiday spirit into your table. Although small, these accents are guaranteed to make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your table.

7. Candle Ambiance

Candles are a must for any Christmas tablescape, they enhance the ambiance, add elegance, and serve as focal points. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere that can make any dining occasion more special and memorable. Particularly during the winter, candles evoke a sense of warmth and festivity, perfect for your Christmas tablescape. To create this cosy ambiance in your own home, use candle holders or candlesticks of varying heights. Flameless candles are also a safe and convenient choice if you don’t wish to have a naked flame at the table.

8. Personalisation

Personalisation at your tablescape adds a unique and thoughtful touch to your dining experience, making your guests feel special and creating a lasting impression. Consider creating personalised name cards at each place setting to indicate where guests should sit. For these you can get super creative with the design by using things like calligraphy, personalised tags, or even small picture frames with each guest’s name. You could also create customised menus for each guest, including their name at the top and a special message or note, you can print these or even handwrite them for a more personal touch. Remember that the key to successful personalisation is knowing your guests and tailoring the small details to their tastes and preferences. It’s a wonderful way to show your thoughtfulness and make your tablescape more meaningful and memorable!

9. Festive Favours

Festive favours are a thoughtful and considerate way to express your appreciation to your guests and send them home with a positive and memorable experience after a dinner party for this season it can be sprinkled with a little piece of Christmas magic. Consider small, personalised Christmas ornaments or festive cookies packaged beautifully as party favours.

10. Dining with Elegance

Serve your Christmas feast on one of our exquisite dinnerware collections. For even more festive inspiration, The Pure Table Top Christmas Lookbook showcases how to present your Christmas table in style, download here.


Explore our four timeless and cosy Christmas themes, all decked with festive foliage high-quality dinnerware and sparkling glassware to match.

Merry & Bright

Introducing our first Christmas table theme, Merry & Bright.  When it comes to Christmas time, we tend to keep it classic with the red, green, silvers and gold but why not make a splash this Christmas with our Merry & Bright tablescape sparking memories of coloured lights from our childhood – this nostalgic theme is guaranteed to bring pure joy to your table. Our Sur La Table Colour Me Happy range encapsulates that retro feeling of candy canes, dazzling disco balls and all things colourful and groovy.

Dreaming of a White Christmas

If you’re dreaming of a White Christmas that is effortlessly chic, our MM Living Glacier Bobble dinnerware looks absolutely beautiful when paired with festive foliage, white linen, and elegant candles. Simple yet effective, the bobble range is guaranteed to wow at Christmas time and still makes for the perfect staple all year round.


Next up, combining a classic Cosy Christmas theme with striking dark accents, our Fireside tablescape encapsulates the joy of an evening in front of a roaring fire. Cinnamon sticks, pinecones and festive foliage sit alongside our centre stage Black Living Jewels dinnerware from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The Living Jewels serve platter make the perfect showstopper for any Christmas cheeseboard to make the ultimate warm and cosy fireside look.

Glistening Yuletide

For a real showstoper, our Glistening Yuletide theme encapsulates the sparkle of the festive season, the morning frost on a winter’s day and the soft shimmering of Christmas lights on the tree paired beautifully with the Teal Living Jewels dinnerware from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew as the centrepiece for this tablescape. Complimented by the glossy glaze of our green dinnerware is the perfect finishing touch for any yuletide table.


With these creative Christmas tablescaping ideas, your Winter Dinner Party will be a memorable event for you and your loved ones. Don’t forget to tag us @pure_tabletop in any of your gorgeous tablescape pictures over on Instagram using #MyTableTop. Happy Tablescaping!

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