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Hello, we’re Pure Table Top. Pull up a chair.

Founded at Tanith’s kitchen table in 2014, we have quickly grown to a family of 35 brilliant individuals, highly equipped with industry knowledge and expertise. With our backgrounds spanning from retail buying, design and merchandising, we work together as a team to lead the way in design and innovation across the ceramic, glass and home accessories market. For everyone, in every home, we want to bring joy to the table.

First Office

Our showroom (The Cherry Shed) is based in the tranquil Leicestershire countryside, where our expert homeware specialists have been developing beautiful, high-quality ceramics, glassware, and tableware products for almost a decade. Surrounded by nature with a view of horses grazing through the window, we believe a beautiful workspace boosts wellness, feeds our creativity and allows us to come together as a team to share in both the big and small wins. We take joy in what we do. Because we want you to feel joy when you use the things we make – we don’t create tableware to be locked away in a cabinet and never used. We make things to be held and shared, passed between friends around a table or as a vessel for your favourite meal to enjoy alone in a moment of uninterrupted peace.

Pure Table Top

Founded at Tanith’s kitchen table in 2014, we have quickly grown to a family of 35 brilliant individuals, highly equipped with industry knowledge and expertise.

Pure Table Top

At Pure Table Top, we believe in making a meal of it. A little while ago we looked up the meaning of that idiom and it said: “to take more care and time over something than is strictly necessary.” And we thought, yes, that’s us. We put everything into our work because we know exactly what makes a mug your Favourite Mug: the weight of it in your hands, the perfect taper of the sides, the precise arch of the handle. We get that some bowls feel right for cereal eaten briskly in the morning while others are wholeheartedly for late night ice cream.

So we make a meal of choosing the very best brands, curating the right collections and designing every last detail to make sure it’s the best experience for our customers. Every piece in each of these curated collections is designed in-house by our talented designers. By paying attention to those smaller design details, each piece we create not only looks beautiful, but is a joy to use and made to last. Our ranges are made with love in collaboration with well-known and well-loved brands in the UK and beyond; including Joules, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Nosse, MM Living, MM Sketch and Olly Smith.

Pure Table Top Show Room

We’re small but mighty. We deliver over three million items of tableware, glass, textiles and more across the globe every year. And we are only just getting started! As a business, our Pure people care about the way we do business. That’s why we are pulling our socks up and holding ourselves, and our industry, accountable. We all have a responsibility to our planet and everything in it. So whatever we do – from our supply to our value chains – we work to design, manufacture, and promote homeware products that are elegant, innovative and responsibly sourced.

We’re not perfect. But we’re on an exciting journey of sustainable transformation to do better. Take a look at where we are now and the direction we’re headed in our 2021 Impact Report.

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