Olly Smith

Olly Smith a multi award-winning wine expert, TV personality, author and columnist and regular wine expert on Saturday Kitchen. Olly knows that the enjoyment of a drink can be greatly enhanced by the glass you choose to serve it in.

Working with Olly Smith and Stöltzle Lausitz we have created a new glassware range - Charm! Charm features red wine, white wine, gin, fizz and footed beer glasses. Perfect for everyday use the range has a glass for your favourite drink.

The glasses in the Olly Smith Charm range are produced with pulled stem technology - moulton glass is blown in to the glass mould during creation, the stem is then pulled from the bowl to create one solid piece between the bowl and the stem. Pulled stems have no seam lines, higher elegance, feel smoother in the hand and have a stronger resistance to breakage.

  • 100% lead-free crystal glass
  • Highest machine blown quality
  • Designed to enhance the pleasure of drinking wine
  • Laser cut for a uniformly thin rim and a slender stem
  • Dishwasher safe